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Overwhelmed with keeping up with algorithms and changes?

Since 2017, DH Imaging Group has helped 100’s of brands create awareness, drive traffic, grow, and generate revenue via organic and paid social media.

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Our team will work with you to determine the strategy that will give you the best return on your investment. This is done by managing social media networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram on your behalf. We’ll make sure that your ad runs on the right social media channels and that it’s targeted to just the right audience.


We help businesses grow and meet their goals on a project-to-project basis, as well as, year-long campaigns by hyper-targeting for our client’s needs.

Extending your reach and sending targeted users to your website or landing page while tracking conversions are the metrics that matter to us.

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Teaming up with DH Imaging Group means you can trust our social media specialists and graphic designers to tell your brand story and grow your social following. We make your social media marketing efforts work for your brand to achieve the results you’re looking for.


We focus on 4 major social networks where our clients have had the most success




From the ground up, we help your company get online. Let our team design and build your website.

The process of creating and publishing content, monitoring engagement and mentions, growing a community of customers, and reporting and analyzing the results of your efforts.


Instagram has over 1.22 billion monthly active users.

A total of 4.2 billion likes occur on Instagram each day.

People are Spending Nearly 30 Minutes every day on Instagram.


Over 150 million people use

Instagram to communicate directly with a business monthly.


Instagram ads have the potential to reach 849.3 million users.


YouTube has more than 2.6 billion active users as of 2023.


Youtube premium has 80 million users worldwide. 52% of internet users worldwide access YouTube at least once a month.


As of January 2022, Google sites were ranked first amongst the most visited multi-platform web properties in the U.S. with just over 270 million U.S. unique visitors and a market share of 61.4 percent among the leading U.S. search engine providers.


Your website's appearance on search pages is directly tied to your meta tags. When was the last time you looked and had them updated? We can help optimize your page to appear to potential customers searching for your product.

We plan and manage all the advertising of your campaigns making it easy for you to see real results.

We will help you take your company’s digital marketing and social media strategy to the next level.


Facebook has 2.93 billion monthly active users.

 36.7% of the world's population uses Facebook monthly. is the third-most-visited website in the world.

Users spend an average of 19.7 hours a month on Facebook


Social media does not live on its own platform, integrating your website with Google, Facebook & other pixels will increase your web traffic and conversions.


Pixels allow you to track conversions based on criteria you set up. 

Pixels can help unlock your social media advertising wile utilizing your advertising budget more effectively


Not every company needs a HTML website. Sometimes a simple webbuilder is the way to go. We work with every major website builder to create the website that fits your needs.

Social media campaigns are a form of advertising that takes place across a brand's social channels. These campaigns often involve several uploads or posts and deliver targeted advertorial content to your audience. They aim to increase brand awareness, drive sales or achieve other business goals.


Sometimes you only need a single page built for an event or promotion. We can create a new page right on your current website.

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